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Six Sigma Tools List for Process Improvement

Six Sigma Tools

Six sigma tools are widely used in top level organizations. Six sigma is a popular methodology for eliminating defects based on six standard deviations. The process is between the point and the nearest specification. For example we can say manufacturing to transportation service. Tools of Six sigma used by experts particularly to make improvement in […]

Design Of Experiments In Minitab and Six Sigma Techniques

design of experiments DOE

Definition of Design of experiments (DOE) is a procedure describes the connection between affecting process factors and the output. So far, it is a systematic approach used to understand case-and-effect relationships. Generally DOE used in many ways in a organization. The main design of experiments purpose is effect estimates precision. Also DOE used to determine […]

How is Six Sigma Defined Army SSD 1 ?

Six Sigma Defined Army

Before we reading this post, learning How is six sigma defined army  is essential . It helps to know the six sigma way. Again Six sigma is a great framework trusted by more government departments and private industrial sectors. Specifically, six sigma business model used by world’s top countries. The main goal to improve the […]

6 Sigma Training and Certification Online

Lean 6 Sigma Training

More industrial sectors prefer 6 Sigma training inside their organizations. Six sigma ensure a organization for a perfect delivery. Customers are happy with 6 sigma methodology, because six sigma processes is a quality program widely used best brands in the world. Building a better industrial leader through 6 sigma training methodology is easy. This perfect […]