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If you want to someone greet these happy birthday stickers are very helpful. Greetings with someone through stickers are funny and more memorable. Children’s want to someone greet them on birthday timings. In this time if you wish they are really happy on enjoy that complete day. Not only children, now aged persons also want to get happy birthday wishes from others. In every one’s life birth day is a special day then other all days in our life. Because this day only we are come to this earth and start living a human. So no doubt every one’s life their birthday is a special day. In the age of kids we don’t know about birthdays and other remarkable days. So sending display pictures or stickers on these days are really made funny with your friends. I received lot of times from my friends, they makes me very happy on that time.

How Dp’s are different from Stickers

Basically display pictures are photographic files you can share to your friends or keep the picture as your profile display. In case if you use stickers it totally different. They are small animated file otherwise called animated smiley express funny expressions. You can see lot of animated stickers in chat applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype..etc. These are really fun and more effective. In Skype or Facebook stickers are inbuild on their messaging application. So you dont need any special extension to add for smiley’s or stickers. Most of the users like bbm stickers because it attracts viewers more than normal display pictures. Recently Blackberry published bunch of stickers for their 10th year celebrations. You can get stickers on some other places like Blackberry Store. Some third party developers also providing cool stickers for wish happy birthday someone. Let we see some best happy birthday stickers already shared in BBM chat messages.

26 Cool Happy Birthday Stickers in BBM

Long time I’m spending on my BlackBerry phone to collect these happy birthday stickers. You can use it any messaging application for your friends. These are really cool pictures. I don’t know clearly where these stickers available to download. Surly you can get these type of high quality stickers through pre made applications.

Basically if you want to greet a girl or boy you need to follow some important tips in your mind. Because both their characters are different. We can see some common character difference between male and female. Commonly males are getting happy if a image with dark colors. In the mean time girls like cool light colors. They are like lovely and caring type stickers. We can see these classifications on every chat conversations. So forward right sticker to impress your receiver. Better read some guides for sending birthday wishes. We can’t greet someone every day, Birthday’s are come once in the year. So make it more remember and carrying way. If you have any ideas in your mind comment us, I will update in the list.

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