Google Music: 5 Secrets You Should Know

Google music is one of the best music applications from Google Inc. This product used by millions of people every day to listen their music. Through Google play music you can use it for whatever you want to hear. A huge music library gives you extreme features to grab latest music trends in your Smartphone or Desktop. You can subscribe millions of songs on-demand. You can listen it on offline and completely ad-free environment. One of the useful feature of this services is you can get personalized recommendations from your favorite genres and track artists. Google Music is helpful to you listen any type of genres you like. For example, you can enjoy best tunes from Blues, Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, New Age etc. Simply choose your genres and start enjoys your favorite tracks. Actually, Google music is a biggest application for hearing music. Here you can listen other music available online and store your personal music collection in your account. It works based on a subscription model, so you can get your account subscription for free or just $10/month. Of course, Google music unsubscribe option is available, so you can terminate your account any time. Here after we can see some interesting facts about Google play music application.

How To Upload Music To Google Play By Using Chrome?

Google Music

Uploading music to Google play Music Manager Library is easy job when you using Chrome. If you not already have Chrome, browser you can get it here for your Mac, Windows or Linux. You can directly upload your music from computer to a device. If you are using Mac just download and install Android File Transfer App on your computer. Then you can transfer files and folders on your Android device up to 4GB. In case if, you using Windows computer you can use USB cable and MTP (Media Device) for copying music folders. For chrome, browsers simply follow these steps given. Before starting check your Chrome browser is up to date. If not you can easily upgrade your version by using the link already given in this page. Then download Google Play Music extension for chrome. Then signing to your Chrome > Google Play Music web player. There you can see a menu icon for Upload music. This is the exact spot you can drag and drop files to upload from your computer. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the uploading process. In Google Play music settings, you can review, add or remove any folders for your easy accessibility.

Google Music – How To Get Google Play Music Free?

I already mentioned Google play music is exclusive service not available for all countries. For example Google music India still not available for Indian users. Similar this service support currently some selected countries only. We can get the subscription free or paid on. Some people find Google play music promo code for getting some discounts. I am not seeing any valid source to get working discount coupon codes for this service. You can get your Google music free account from here.// Compare to other music storage applications Google play music songs storage limit is high. You can store upto 50000 songs in your personal music collection library. This is massive quantity of storage limit compare to other services. You can view your uploaded songs any time under your account.

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